Fresh Hop Season is HERE!

September and October are arguably our favorite months of the year.  The hop fields in the Willamette and Yakima valleys are ready for harvest!  We’re really going for it this year, celebrating the hop harvest with not one, not two, but THREE fresh-hop beers!

Our first to be released– tonight! 6pm sharp at Base Camp’s taproom– is our Golden Hopportunity Belgian IPA.  At 10.1%ABV, this huge hoppy ale is deceivingly quaffable.  German pilsner malt, accented by 100 pounds of demerara sugar we carmelized and added into the boil, makes for a golden body that’s at once sweet, smooth, complex, and clean.  Firmly bittered and flavored with Summit, US Tettnang, Santiam, and Sterling hops, then dryhopped with a HUGE addition of wet Centennial fresh hops!  This bad mutha is oh so good.

Details on Base Camp’s Fresh Hop Beers 2 and 3 to be released soon. . .

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