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From the ever-popular S'more Stout to our ongoing Barrel Fermented series, the beers we develop in our brewhouse embody top quality, consistency, and innovation.  Our on-draft beers represent the latest from the frontier of craft brewing.

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Trailside ESB

X331 Session Black IPL

Four Petal

New Wave Amber

Pilgrimage Saison

Bière de Mars


Celestial Cascadian Dark Lager

Ultra Gnar Gnar India Pale Ale

Smooth Hoperator

S'more Stout

Nomadic Double India Pale Ale

Dark Times

Bretta Livin' Cranberry

Cascara Wit

Haube Shatten

Coffee then Bikes then Beer

This amber-colored Extra Special Bitter is the perfect break from your current adventure, whether you’re kickin’ back with a pint in our taproom or taking a growler or six pack time-out in the mountains or on the water. Vienna and Munich specialty malts lend a rich, satisfying body that’s carefully balanced by a selection of classic Oregon-grown Willamette and Cascade flavor and aroma hops. Take a break with our Trailside ESB, because there’s no need to rush past the good stuff.

We didn’t skip science class, and neither did the wizards at OSU’s hop cultivation lab.  First publicly tasted at our Protohop 2014 event, and now newly available in extremely limited quantity, experimental hop X331 delivers huge tropical, funky, and dank hop character.  We paired it with our newest session black india pale lager, a smooooth and chocolaty dark brew, for optimum sensory analysis.  Science!

A four-petalled Trillium flower is the Northwest’s version of a four-leaf clover, a touch of magic that you can find only so often out in the great outdoors.  This mellow, mild, Brettanomyces-inflected pale is a true four-petal spring beer, brewed with malted oats and wheat for a velvety smooth body and knocked out with Meridian and Horizon hops.  We then racked it into neutral oak barrels to finish on Brett, making for a bright, dry, fruity beer.  Limited quantity available.

Our take on the malt-forward fest biers of Bavaria.  Extensive malt aroma and taste trials over several years led us in crafting this recipe, a subtly-hopped amber lager that rides the crest between dry and full-bodied, not too sweet but definitely not lacking in deep, malty goodness.  Lagered on our in-house toasted oak to round out this brew’s flavor profile.

A journey through Belgian and Pacific Northwest brewing traditions, demanding step-by-step attention and care.  This saison’s crisp body melds with the floral, citrusy, pepper spice of Grains of Paradise.  A hint of specialty honey malt lends balance, while Willamette Valley-grown dry-hop additions round out this beer’s spectacularly complex aroma.  Truly, this is a beer that’s worth our efforts.

The latest installment in our Barrel Fermented & Conditioned series of farmhouse-style ales.  The French brewing tradition of bières de mars (lit. “beers of March”) lives on in this slightly hazy, mellow golden farmhouse ale.  Fermented with saison and Brettanomyces yeasts in oak barrels for a true farmhouse ale.  Finished with our favorite new experimental hop varietal, which combines with the Brett character to contribute bright, tropical flavor and aroma.

Our yearly anniversary beer, brewed in celebration of our fourth year spent doing what we love.  A tart and funky strong amber saison.  It showcases pilsner malt, wheat malt, and flaked wheat, then fermented with our two favorite saison yeasts.  We then add to the complexity of this beer with an extended aging in red wine barrels, where it’s dosed with brettanomyces, lactobacillus, and Willamette Valley-grown Pinot Noir grapes from Goschie Farms.

Fruity, floral hops meet velvety, dark malt in our Cascadian Dark Lager.  It delivers loads of citrus, tropical fruit, and pine aroma thanks to Meridian hop additions at knock-out and in the lager tank.  Light sweetness and toasty, roasty malt provide counterpoint to a solid hop bitterness.  For a beer of this dark color, the Celestial CDL finishes surprisingly light and clean thanks to its fermentation and lagering character.

Back by popular demand, the Ultra Gnar Gnar is crafted to deliver big hop taste and aroma over a smooth velvety ride of specialty-malted barley and oats.  It features six different Oregon-grown flavor and aroma hop varietals, adding notes of citrus, pine, and tropical fruit to this unique IPA.  As good as first tracks in fresh powder, or a perfect set on your last paddle out.  Harness the Gnar!

We don’t filter our beer, but we have a beer filter we’d inherited with our other brewing equipment.  Get rid of it?  NAH.  We modified and rad-ified it, so now we have our very own, one-of-a-kind, custom, in-line hop infuser.  Like fresh, bright hop character?  This is the brew for you.  Knocked out in batches of only a few kegs at a time, we’ll have a new Smooth Hoperator beer on tap regularly.  Inquire with taproom staff for info on today’s offering.

The S'more Stout is an absolute all-star: Aromas of chocolate, coffee, fig, and smoke invite you in to a gigantic maltiness that is distinct in its smooth and refined character, with flavors of chocolate and hints of smoke mingling with rich caramel, fruit, and warming alcohol.  Top with a roasted marshmallow-- its sweet, toasty nose a perfect complement for this deep, complex stout-- and you have the ultimate S'more experience!

This trek to the frontier of craft beer innovation starts in England with a solid IPA backbone, on to Belgium with its mixed Brettanomyces fermentation, through the fruit tree groves of the west coast for some mellow, subtly fruity complexity (fruit additions change periodically-- check with your server for current variety), and finishing in the Willamette Valley for a very not-subtle, imperial-strength dry hop addition in the conditioning tank.

Times like these had our brewers crafting the perfect brew for these dark days, a roasty and rich imperial stout fermented in a mix of red wine and bourbon barrels.  Chocolate in the nose, malty and oaky up front, tart and funky-- thanks to a dose of brettanomyces-- to finish.  Built to warm the body and soul in the darkest of months, best enjoyed at twilight hunkered near a raging fire, or at sun up when you’re waiting for first light to hit the mountain, river, or trail.

The latest in our series of all-Brettanomyces fermented, soured fruit beers.  It’s bright and acidic from a native malt-based Lactobacillus kettle souring, making for a low pH that allows our Brett strain to ferment quickly and cleanly.  Its tart acidity provides a perfect opportunity to showcase the bright and tart flavors of fresh Oregon cranberry, added as a puree during the later stages of fermentation.

Our friends at Water Avenue Coffee Company work closely with growers in order to source the finest Salvadoran coffee beans for their roasters.  This also means-- and this is where we get excited-- they’re able to source cascara, the dried fruit of the coffee cherry that’s typically considered a byproduct of the coffee supply chain.  Its tart, fruity, almost rooibos tea-like flavor and aroma lends itself spectacularly well to this Belgian-style wit, where we use it in lieu of traditional coriander and citrus peel.

Literally “Hood Shadow,” an homage to our city’s mountain.  Developed by brewer Bizzy Gross of the Timbers Army Fermentation Corps for this year’s Duane Graf Homebrew Competition (which, by the way, she won by a landslide), then scaled up to shareable quantities by a coalition of Bizzy and the Base Camp brew crew.  A Northwest twist on the traditional Bavarian wheat ale, with fruit and spice aromas playing in step with Mt. Hood hops.  Prost!

Our friends at HiFi Cycling pulled together Stumptown Coffee and Base Camp for a collaboration extraordinaire.  This dubbel-- a Belgian beer in homage to the birthplace of cyclocross-- was knocked out with 100L of a custom-cold-brewed batch of Stumptown’s Costa Rican coffee.  Tart fruitiness and rich caramel, evident in both the coffee and the base beer, combine to create a perfect brew for popping open on the finishers’ podium (or in the taproom).

38 IBUs  |  9.6 SRM  |  13.8°P OG  |  3.4°P TG  |  5.6% ABV

38 IBUs  |  40.0 SRM  |  12.0°P OG  |  2.4°P TG  |  4.6% ABV

17 IBUs  |  8.0 SRM  |  13.0°P OG  |  0.5°P TG  |  6.6% ABV

28 IBUs  |  11.1 SRM  |  13.8°P OG  |  3.5°P TG  |  5.6% ABV

29 IBUs  |  5.3 SRM  |  14.5°P OG  |  1.5°P TG  |  7.1% ABV

17 IBUs  |  8.0 SRM  |  13.0°P OG  |  0.5°P TG  |  6.6% ABV

8 IBUs  |  7.3 SRM  |  19.3°P OG  |  1.0°P TG  |  10.5% ABV

45 IBUs  |  47.6 SRM  |  13.0°P OG  |  3.5°P TG  |  5.1% ABV

60 IBUs  |  10.3 SRM  |  15.4°P OG  |  3.1°P TG  |  6.7% ABV

Stats Vary

66 IBUs  |  99.1 SRM  |  19.2°P OG  |  5.3°P TG  |  7.7% ABV

70 IBUs  |  7.9 SRM  |  18.1°P OG  |  2.0°P TG  |  9.0% ABV

19 IBUs  |  71.7 SRM  |  23.2°P OG  |  5.5°P TG  |  10.4% ABV

4 IBUs  |  5.3 SRM  |  10.5°P OG  |  1.8°P TG  |  4.8% ABV

15 IBUs  |  3.5 SRM  |  12.2°P OG  |  3.2°P TG  |  4.8% ABV

13 IBUs  |  24.9 SRM  |  13.1°P OG  |  3.1°P TG  |  5.4% ABV

17 IBUs  |  18.3 SRM  |  17.2°P OG  |  3.4°P TG  |  7.7% ABV

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