Double Beer Release TONIGHT

Holy smokes, we’re droppin’ two fine brews tonight!

Our Gold Rush India Oat Common features the fermentation character of a California Common (warm-fermented lager) paired up with a hefty dose of English toasted oats, then topped off with a huge hop bill (ft. Summit, Meridian, Santiam, Cascade, and US Fuggle).  It’s goddamned delicious.

We’re also stoked to release our Lost Meridian Wit, a velvety smooth witbier that gets dry-hopped with a truckload of Meridian hops.  This smooth-sippin’ sessionable wit drinks like a mimosa, due to its dry champagneish (is this a word?) and bright citrusy flavors.  A crowd-and-crew favorite when we released it under its working title last summer, the Lost Meridian Wit is gonna be available on tap OR ready to go in our aluminum 22oz bombers.

Hope to see you in here!  Cheers!

Ctrl + Alt + Del

Ah ah ah!

If only Dr. Arnold knew how to pull up his Task Manager!  If anybody needs to chill out, sit back, and reset, it’s him.  We’ve got just the beer for it:  our Ctrl+Alt+Del imperial altbier, available on draft only!  This monster malty mother was brewed using a modified decoction mash, then fermented with our house ale yeast strain for fruitiness, followed by our house lager strain for a clean, smooth finish.  We’ve taken everything we love about the traditional German altbier but rewired the circuitry, rendering a brand-spankin’ new, updated version.

Celestial Meridian CDL

We’d originally brewed this beer on our Pilot Brewery last fall; since then we’ve been eagerly waiting for the right time to fit it into our production schedule.  And now it’s finally brewed, lagered, kegged, and tapped!

celestial meridian

45 IBUs | 5.1% ABV | 47.6 SRM | 13.0/3.5°P OG/TG

Our Celestial Meridian Cascadian Dark Lager is the latest waypoint in our ongoing Meridian Expedition.  We conceptualize and brew all the beers in this series as different ways to showcase what’s become one of our very favorite hop varietals, the Willamette Valley-grown Meridian hop.  Check out some good info on this and other hop varietals here!

Fruity, floral hops meet velvety, dark malt in our Cascadian Dark Lager.  Loads of citrus, tropical fruit, and pine aroma spin off the top of the pint, thanks to Meridian hop additions at knock-out and in the lager tank.  Light sweetness and toasty, roasty malt provide counterpoint to a solid hop bitterness.  For a beer of this dark color, the Celestial Meridian finishes surprisingly light and clean thanks to its fermentation and lagering character.

Available now on tap at Base Camp’s taproom and at your favorite local beer bar.  If you’ve got a home draft system, we can also hook you up with a dock sale!  This single-batch hoppy dark lager won’t stick around for long.  Get yours now!

Visions of Things to Come

Gather ’round, children, and heed this tale from Head Brewer Paul:

In the wet and wild world of Base Camp lore, there exists a mythic entity known as Baltor, who is, among other things, quite incredible.  Known for happily sloshing about the bountiful countryside and slapping high fives, Baltor was born with superhuman ability to bring together and harmonize all things delicious and wondrous, weaving seemingly disparate things into a cohesive whole.  It is a truly incredible superpower.  Say what you will about those who can fly or meld time and space or what have you; in the world of beer, Baltor is the greatest!

In the early morning hours of halloween day, in the year of our lord, 2013, The Incredible Baltor graced us with an impromptu visit to Base Camp, where he called a super secret meeting of the brewers.  He told us – speaking in a language that we had never heard before yet suddenly and mysteriously understood – that we were chosen by the great congress of the brewing gods to be enlightened, through the wisdom of Baltor, to create an epic brew, combining a smooth, strong, roasty baltic porter lager beer with flavors of rum and bourbon, vanilla and oak, and fleshed out with delightfully fruit forward and complex coffee.

“It cannot be done!  That is too much awesomeness for one beverage!” we cried out in unison, before looking around at each other in shock that we had just cried out something in perfect unison.

“Oh, it can, my children.  It most certainly can,” reassured Baltor in his wonderous superhero language.  “I will show you how.”

And thus it became reality, on that wondrous Halloween day of 2013, we brewed a baltic porter lager beer, as instructed, with domestic vienna, Bavarian debittered roast malt, French Kiln Coffee malt, and 15% Flaked oats to soften and smooth the malt profile.

“I am a huge fan of your proprietary Base Camping procedures, where you add a small portion of young lager beer to the fermented beer to achieve the utmost smooth, crisp, and clean lager character.  You will do this with my namesake beer!” Baltor decreed thunderously.  We complied.

“You will soak house toasted oak in rum and bourbon, adding delightful layers of molasses and vanilla to the wood, and lager the beer on these chips!” he bellowed.

“Yum,” we thought.

“You will get together with the awesome people at Trailhead Coffee roasters, and, after tasting a plethora of different varieties utilized in different extraction techniques, you will decide to brew a hyper concentrated cold extract of their delicious Guatemalan variety, and add this directly to the lagering tank!” proclaimed the great one.

“Well now you’re being a bit bossy, but ok,” we muttered under our breath.

And then, as quickly as he appeared, he was gone, vanishing like a waft of steam into the brewery air.  Silently we appraised one another, and knew, we would never be the same.  Baltor had instilled in us a boldness, a confidence, a capacity for calculated risk taking we would take with us on all our future brewing journeys.  Knowing the situation called for it, we wordlessly flying chest bumped each other, and then went about our day, in awe and stupor, eagerly awaiting the finished product of the beer that could only be named after its super awesome creator-

The Incredible Baltor.

Castings of the bones have revealed that His Magnificence will be celebrated with much aplomb and gaiety, with many sacred gallons both keg’d and bottl’d, on an auspicious ev’ntide neither near nor far.  Look to the skies, children, for signs of that coming Good Day!

Mad Skills Release Party, Thursday 11/7 @ 7pm!

Mount Hood has been glowing an especially bright white for the past few weeks. Timberline officially fired up its chairlifts last weekend. And, winter ales are just starting to hit the supermarkets. Can you believe it? The ski season is already upon us in the Pacific Northwest!

If you find yourself daydreaming of tree runs, wind drift, and kickers, it’s high time that you do a little conditioning to get ready for the winter. The first day on the mountain is notorious for punishing your quads and low back. Yet, with a little preparation, you don’t have to risk arriving at work Monday morning walking funny from your time on the slopes.

To help you get ready for logging serious vertical, you need to start incorporating some targeted strengthening into your workout routine. Here are three exercises that will build the functional strength to let you charge for hours:

zercher_squat1zercher_squat2Zercher Squats: Placing the barbell in the crook of your elbows takes the weight away from your midline, which forces you focus on stability — something you’ll definitely need on the mountain.


good_morning1Good Morning Forward Bends: This movement is one of the best ways to build low back and glute strength. A strong backside is paramount to enjoying your time in the powder.



russian_twist2russian_twist1Russian Twists: Whether you’re bombing a mogul run or winding up for a 540, you need to have rotational core strength. Russian twists with a medicine ball are perfect — try them with your feet off the ground.

How should you cool down? With a seasonal Base Camp beer of course! No joke. Researchers in Spain recently found that beer is an effective post-workout recovery beverage.

Want some other ideas for how to get your body in shape for winter sports? Join me at the Base Camp Tap Room at 7:00 pm on Thursday Nov 7th, for the release of the Mad Skills Exercise Encyclopedia.

Ben Musholt is a local physical therapist and co-founder of the Beyond the Clinic rehabilitation practice.


Every year, when wet hop season rolls around, brewers from all around the Great Northwest rush to gather together a gaggle of the coolest, sexiest, freshest, and most stylish hops around. We dress them up in our favorite beers, stash them in our favorite tanks, teach them witty jokes to tell the world, and package them in our shiniest kegs and sleekest bottles. Then we let them loose, hoping they can tap their inner Fonz, and become the beersonification of cool. Because, as we all know, the most important thing in ALL OF LIFE is to be totally hopular, to the extreme.

The second of Base Camp’s three 2013 wet hop beers, the Hopularity Contest Pale Ale greets you with an inviting orange hue and intentional haze courtesy of some 10% unmalted oats rounded out with a delicious French crystal malt. From its pillowy white head waft aromas of pineapple, mango, papaya, citrus, and warm malt that will absolutely TITILLATE the drinker, who will pause to smile and contentedly sigh before taking the first drink. Wet hop flavors of tropical fruit, pear, grapefruit, and wildflower meld with subtly sweet fruity esters and light phenolics over a backdrop of rich, lightly toasty, velvety malt. An approachable yet solid bitterness forms the finishing balance for this once-a-year beer, which retains a delightful drinkability to complement its vast hop complexity.

Don’t be a social pariah! Get Hopular!

We’ll release this too-cool bad motha next Tuesday, 9/24.

Fresh Hop Season is HERE!

September and October are arguably our favorite months of the year.  The hop fields in the Willamette and Yakima valleys are ready for harvest!  We’re really going for it this year, celebrating the hop harvest with not one, not two, but THREE fresh-hop beers!

Our first to be released– tonight! 6pm sharp at Base Camp’s taproom– is our Golden Hopportunity Belgian IPA.  At 10.1%ABV, this huge hoppy ale is deceivingly quaffable.  German pilsner malt, accented by 100 pounds of demerara sugar we carmelized and added into the boil, makes for a golden body that’s at once sweet, smooth, complex, and clean.  Firmly bittered and flavored with Summit, US Tettnang, Santiam, and Sterling hops, then dryhopped with a HUGE addition of wet Centennial fresh hops!  This bad mutha is oh so good.

Details on Base Camp’s Fresh Hop Beers 2 and 3 to be released soon. . .