We’ve put a lot of work into our beers, and are so excited every time one of our recipes gets bumped up from the pilot brewery to our big system.  Here at Base Camp we’re pushing the limits of what our tricked-out brewhouse and cellar is capable of. . .  we’ll try to stay current here with what’s new.  Also check out the brew blog and our Facebook page!

Northwest Fest

IBUs: 28   SRM: 8.0   OG/TG: 13.8/3.5°P   ABV: 5.6%

Our take on the maltforward fest biers of Bavaria. Extensive malt aroma and taste trials over the last two years led us in crafting this recipe, a subtly-hopped amber lager that walks the line between dry and full-bodied, not too sweet but definitely not lacking in malty goodness.  Lagered on our in-house toasted oak to round out this brew’s flavor profile.

Hop in the ‘Pool Late Hop Helles

hop-in-the-pool-008IBUs: 22   SRM: 3.1   OG/TG: 11.8/2.6°P   ABV: 4.9%

Our Late Hop Helles is fermented with lager yeast, and showcases our proprietary lagering cellar techniques that result in a classic pilsner malt character and smooth, clean finish.  Sound like an ordinary Helles lager?  Not so fast- its only hop addition is in the whirlpool, not the brew kettle, meaning huge hop taste and aroma with low bitterness.


Lost Meridian Wit

meridiwit-webIBUs: 20   SRM: 3.8   OG/TG: 12.0/2.6°P   ABV: 5.0%

Part of our ongoing Meridian Expedition.  A Belgian Witbier in appearance and malt bill, the Lost Meridian Wit has a cloudy and opaque white color and silky mouthfeel from the use of loads of wheat and oats.  Then the recipe takes a firmly untraditional twist.  Meridian hops deliver a brightly citrus and refreshing mimosa-like character with flavors of orange and champagne dominating the aftertaste.


Ripstop Rye Pils

ripstop-rye-pilsIBUs: 52   SRM: 3.7   OG/TG: 13.5/3.0°P   ABV: 5.7%

The Ripstop Rye Pils is our reinterpretation of the classic pilsner lager beer: aromas of European malt and noble-type hops mingle with a dignified, refreshing, and clean malt character that is further distinguished with a generous addition of spicy rye malt, creating a beer that is at once malty, zesty, crisp, hoppy, and incredibly drinkable.



Second Anniversary Bière de Garde

bier-de-garde-fbIBUs: 32   SRM: 10.5   OG/TG: 17.2/3.8°P   ABV: 7.4%

Brewed in celebration of two successful years spent doing what we love.  This French farmhouse-inspired bière de garde features a subtle spicy fermentation character and rich but clean maltiness.  A very limited number of bottles are available for purchase, perfect for including in your beer cellar and enjoying at your own personal Base Camp over the next few years.


Celestial Meridian Cascadian Dark Lager

celestial meridianIBUs: 45   SRM: 47.6   OG/TG: 13.0/3.5°P   ABV: 5.1%

Fruity, floral hops meet velvety, dark malt in this Meridian Expedition beer.  Our CDL delivers loads of citrus, tropical fruit, and pine aroma thanks to multiple Meridian hop additions.  Light sweetness and toasty, roasty malt provide counterpoint to a solid hop bitterness.  For a beer of this dark color, it finishes surprisingly light and clean thanks to its fermentation and lagering character.


In-Tents India Pale Lager

intents-ipl-webIBUs: 62   SRM: 13.4   OG/TG: 16.5/4.0°P   ABV: 6.8%

Our flagship India Pale Lager showcases a copper color that gives way to a crisp, clean lager beer perfectly balanced in its massive complexity. Dry-hopped and aged on an in-house toasted blend of white and red oaks. The IPL finishes clean and smooth, with hop aromas of wild flowers and pine, and a unique maltiness highlighted by the subtle oak character.


Bohemian Rip-City IPA

bohemian-rip-city IBUs: 65   SRM: 3.8   OG/TG: 15.5/2.9°P   ABV: 6.9%

A tongue-tingling uber original IPA, brewed with Czech floor-malted barley using Base Camp’s proprietary decoction mash process.  This legendary mash-up of Bohemian malt and Portland-style hoppage stands out of the crowd, featuring Cascade, Nugget, Mt. Hood, Horizon, and Meridian hops.  Designed to showcase its fatty single-malt goodness alongside a hop profile that’s at once spicy, fresh, and fruity.


Ultra Gnar Gnar IPA

hopularity-contest2IBUs: 60   SRM: 10.3   OG/TG: 15.4/3.1°P   ABV: 6.7%

Back by popular demand, the Ultra Gnar Gnar is crafted to deliver big hop taste and aroma over a smooth velvety ride of specialty-malted barley and oats.  It features six different Oregon-grown flavor and aroma hop varietals, adding notes of citrus, pine, and tropical fruit to this unique IPA.  As good as first tracks in fresh powder, or a perfect set on your last paddle out.  Harness the Gnar!

S’more Stout

smore-stout-webIBUs: 70   SRM: 55.2   OG/TG: 19.2/5.3°P   ABV: 7.7%

The S’more Stout is an absolute all-star: Aromas of chocolate, coffee, fig, and smoke invite you in to a gigantic maltiness that is distinct in its smooth and refined character, with flavors of chocolate and hints of smoke mingling with rich caramel, fruit, and warming alcohol.  Top with a roasted marshmallow and you have the ultimate S’more experience!


Beer for here?  Check.  Beer to go?  Yep, growlers and bottles.  Kegs?  You KNOW this.  We even fill Corny kegs, too!  Come on by the tap room or give us a call any time!


Alpenglow Session Ale

alpenglow2IBUs: 28   SRM: 2.7   OG/TG: 11.0/2.8°P   ABV: 4.4%

Single-malt, sessionable goodness!  The Alpenglow combines the unique characteristics of Fawcett’s Golden Promise barley malt and Willamette Valley-grown Meridian hops, delivering a satisfying yet light meld of rich malt and citrusy hoppiness.  Golden Promise malt is a perfect fit for a session-strength beer; with this low a.b.v. and huge flavor you’ll be able to enjoy it all winter long!

Keller Road

keller 005IBUs: 26   SRM: 10.6   OG/TG: 11.0/3.0°P   ABV: 4.4%

This amber was crafted with a mind toward Bavarian kellerbier tradition, but following our usual roadmap of innovation in process and product.  A decoction mash lends a fat malty aroma, balanced by a subtle use of Oregon-grown hops.  Three separate yeast pitches between brewhouse and pint glass means complex fermentation character, a clean lagered finish, and a slight haziness due to the keg-conditioning krausen addition.


Carabiner Cream Ale

carabiner-creamIBUs: 26   SRM: 4.1   OG/TG: 12.8/2.9°P   ABV: 5.3%

Our Carabiner Cream Ale embodies everything we love about a crisp, refreshing light ale. We began with a grain bill true to northern German kolschbiers, featuring pilsner and wheat malt.  Then we reached back a century to pre-Prohibition brewing, when most cream ales had bigger hop doses than today’s accepted style. Lemon hop aroma, creamy body, and a crisp finish!



IBUs: 40   SRM: 5.0   OG/TG: 13.5/2.6°P   ABV: 5.8%

Base Camp’s Paölschenbier is a stand-out pale that is both approachable and nuanced.  Dry-hopped for lots of lemony citrus aroma without a mouthpuckering bitterness, well-balanced by its slightly bready malt and yeast profiles.  Our house ale yeast strain does some of its best work in this beer, making for a light ale that is truly unique.


Cross Channel Mild

cross-channel-webIBUs: 16   SRM: 18.5   OG/TG: 9.1/2.8°P   ABV: 3.3%

True to its English session beer lineage, our Cross Channel Mild can be enjoyed throughout a long evening on the patio or at the pub.  This low-gravity beer is not lacking in flavor due to the nutty, toasty notes of English malt.  We add noble-type hops multiple times during brewing and fermentation to lend this pub ale a subtly spicy, floral balance.


Belgian Session Ale

IBUs: 14   SRM: 9.7   OG/TG: 11.6/2.4°P   ABV: 4.9%

Base Camp’s Belgian Session Ale showcases a thick, white head atop a golden honey-colored beer. Aromas of spicy clove and a hint of camp fire smoke accompany its wheaty malt taste.  The BSA’s medium-light body is well-balanced by this beer’s tartness.  Low gravity and huge taste, making for a great sessionable beer.


Stephen’s Dark Wit

stephens-dark-witIBUs: 14   SRM: 22.0   OG/TG: 13.1/2.7°P   ABV: 5.6%

Brewed for Portland’s Cheers to Belgian Beers festival, this opaque brown witbier gets its spicy, floral fermentation character from our use of the traditional Belgian wit yeast strain.  We chose to showcase a bit more maltiness than your standard modern wit, hearkening back to an earlier point in the history of this style.  A touch of orange peel, coriander, and chamomile rounds out a dry but lingering finish.


Smith Rock Red Lager

smith-rock-red-lager-webIBUs: 36   SRM: 13.7   OG/TG: 14.5/3.4°P   ABV: 6.0%

The first beer in our Location Series, an homage to Smith Rock in Central Oregon.  With a rich Vienna malt backbone and a firm hop bitterness, our red lager features the aromatics of Oregon sage and juniper, reminding us of what it’s like taking in an evening from the top of Smith.  Kick back, close your eyes, and enjoy the view!  Stay posted for more Location Series beers over the coming months.


Rauch the Boat

rauch-the-boat-webIBUs: 16   SRM: 30.6   OG/TG: 12.9/3.5°P   ABV: 5.1%

This crisp dark ruby lager is brewed with a healthy dose of German rauchmalt.  A touch of bittering hops provides upfront balance; the rauchmalt’s smoky character complements this beer’s dark chocolate- and caramel-tasting body.  Base Camp’s proprietary cellaring techniques shine in this lager’s clean, rich body and finish.


Acclimator Doppelbock

acclimator-webIBUs: 30   SRM: 20.4   OG/TG: 17.4/3.6°P   ABV: 7.6%

The Acclimator presents a rich smoothness that we balance out with just enough crisp hop character to make for an extremely quaffable strong lager.  Doppelbocks are traditionally brewed with Pilsner or Munich malts, but we chose to showcase the awesomeness of Maris Otter and Belgian dark crystal malts.  Result?  A totally unique and drinkable beer.


Uncommon Ground Dunkel

uncommon-ground-webIBUs: 35   SRM: 22.8   OG/TG: 11.1/3.5°P   ABV: 4.1%

The Uncommon Ground is a delicious blend of European and American brewing traditions.  Its malt bill follows the Bavarian Dunkel tradition, but then we turn to the fermentation guidelines of a west coast Common.  The balance between malt character and yeast profile is further enhanced by a firm hop bitterness and the taste and aromatics of four Pacific Northwest hop varietals.

 Smoooke on the Weissbier (A Fire in the Sky)

smoke-on-the-weissbier-thumbnailIBUs: 25   SRM: 14.0   OG/TG: 15.1/2.9°P   ABV: 6.7%

Its fiery red color hints at a layered malt bill, showcasing two kinds of wheat malt on top of two top-shelf British malts and a Bavarian pilsner for a mouthfeel that’s smoother than a velvet cobra.  Flavors of clove, banana, and dark fruit syncopate with smoke from a dose of beechwood-smoked rauchmalt.  Shredworthy, with a commanding presence, the Smoke on the Weissbier simply rocks.  So.  Hard.


Intrepid India Pale Ale

Intrepid IPAIBUs: 69   SRM: 7.7   OG/TG: 15.8/3.9°P   ABV: 6.5%

A bright Northwest IPA to satisfy hop heads throughout the summer months, our golden Intrepid IPA shows off locally-malted Vienna malt, creating a pleasant warm, rich, and slightly toasty malt base. Piled high over this malty backbone, a blend of five hop varietals– floral, spicy noble-types and fruity, citrusy northwest hops– delivers loads of flavor and hop aroma.


Midnight in Wallonia

wallonia webIBUs: 16   SRM: 36.6   OG/TG: 13.9/1.3°P   ABV: 6.8%

The Midnight in Wallonia Saison, though dark in color with a dense white head, is an incredibly refreshing, dry, and effervescent quencher.  Tart fruit melds with light cocoa flavors, bright esters complement a layered phenolic profile, all leading into a slightly sour finish.  A complex specialty malt bill and three different dry hops provide the foundation for this enigmatic, satisfying saison.


Out-of-Bounds Brown

IBUs: 45   SRM: 15.8   OG/TG: 15.3/3.8°P   ABV: 6.2%

A fun, refreshing take on the oft-maligned brown ale, Base Camp’s Out-of-Bounds Brown has a light brown color with big aromas of citrusy Cascade dry hops which meld into a highly distinct malt character.  It has a clean yet full mouthfeel that makes it both satisfying and drinkable. Light and crisp, the O.o.B. restores faith in what brown ales can aspire to.

Ctrl+Alt+Del Imperial Altbier

ctrl-alt-del-thumbnailIBUs: 41   SRM: 19.9   OG/TG: 18.7/4.0°P   ABV: 8.1%

Our interpretation of the standard German Altbier honors the past but resets the program, finding new ways to access what we love about alts.  Munich malt is turbocharged via a modified decoction mash, then fermented with our house ale yeast strain and lagered with our house lager strain making for a big fat maltiness, balanced by fruity fermentation character, that finishes clean and crisp.


Summer of St. Martin Bière de Garde

st-martins-2IBUs: 25   SRM: 7.4   OG/TG: 16.0/1.0°P   ABV: 8.2%

The European brewers that pioneered the bière de garde style reference St. Martin’s Summer as an unseasonably warm autumn.  With this warming golden farmhouse ale we celebrate the glorious Pacific Northwest fall!  Brewed in July, layers of rich, smooth maltiness and spicy, tart fermentation character have had time to mellow and meld.  Our BdG is more satisfying than a sunny November day!


Prime Meridian India Pale Ale

intrepid-ipa-webIBUs: 56   SRM: 11.3   OG/TG: 15.3/3.1°P   ABV: 6.7%

This deep golden-colored beer is topped by a dense rocky crown with a punchy American IPA hop aroma.  The tropical fruit nose of Meridian hops follows through in the taste.  For balance, a Flemish saison-inspired malt bill; well-attenuated yet maintaining a full body.  We ferment it at high temps to make the most of our house yeast strain, creating a late fruity tartness that plays out nicely with the lingering hop character.


Magnetic Meridian India Pale Ale

Mag-MeridianIBUs: 62   SRM: 11.3   OG/TG: 16.8/3.2°P   ABV: 7.5%

The second waypoint in our Meridian Expedition.  Our hazy orange Magnetic Meridian IPA is crowned with a creamy, white head.  A touch of noble-type hops adds a slight spicy note, then we pile on the tropical fruitiness of Meridian hops for flavor and aroma.  Rolled oats fortify this beer’s body while keeping it dry and thirst-quenching.


Local Meridian Extra Special Bitter

local-meridianIBUs: 45   SRM: 15.1   OG/TG: 15.1/3/7°P   ABV: 5.8%

A richly copper-colored beer crowned with a tight white head, leading into intensely tropical and fruity dry-hopped aromas.  Our Local Meridian ESB presents citrus, grapefruit, guava, and tropical sweetness in hop flavor, followed by the rich, warm, toffee and caramel flavors of top-quality English malt balanced by a firm bitterness.


Golden Hopportunity Fresh Hop Belgian IPA

golden-hopportunity-webIBUs: 56   SRM: 4.7   OG/TG: 18.9/0.8°P   ABV: 10.1%

An intensely unique beer, this golden-hued Belgian IPA delivers a huge, complex aroma:  notes of tropical fruit, guava, pear, spicy phenols, sweet caramel, spicy and floral hops, and the distinct wonderfulness of wet hop Centennials added to the maturation tank.  Highly attenuated, but with a balanced sweetness thanks to 100 pounds of caramelized demerara sugar added in during the boil.


Hopularity Contest Fresh Hop Oatmeal Pale Ale

hopularity-contest2IBUs: 55   SRM: 12.4   OG/TG: 15.4/3.5°P   ABV: 5.4%

The Hopularity Contest OPA showcases unmalted oats rounded out with a delicious French crystal malt. Wet hop flavors of tropical fruit and wildflower meld with subtly sweet fruity esters and light phenolics over a backdrop of rich, velvety malt. A solid bitterness gives balance to this once-a-year beer.


Gold Rush India Oat Common

gold-rush-ioc-webIBUs: 59   SRM: 9.9   OG/TG: 17.5/4.1°P   ABV: 7.4%

The traditional character of a warm-fermented California Common hitches up with a big velvety dose of oats and a mother lode of hops.  If you’re prospecting for your lupulin fix, look no further.  Dosed with Summit, Meridian, Santiam, Cascade, and US Fuggle, the Gold Rush is rich with hoppy flavor and aroma.  The rich flavor of Vienna malt and English toasted oat malt provides plenty of deep, smooth balance.


In-2-Tents Double Wet Hop Imperial India Pale Lager

in2tents2IBUs: 75   SRM: 13.4   OG/TG: 19.5/5.5°P   ABV: 7.7%

How to best celebrate the Pacific Northwest hop harvest?  Our choice is to take our favorite lager and make it bigger, badder, and wet-hoppier!  240lbs of Centennial and 400lbs of Meridian hops went into the IIPL, our third fresh hop brew of 2013 and part of our ongoing Small Batch series of bottled beers.


White Squall Wheat Wine

white squall2IBUs: 60   SRM: 9.5   OG/TG: 24.0/5.3°P   ABV: 10.7%

We love a big, robust barleywine, but to really let our house ale yeast shine we created the White Squall Wheat Wine!  A HUGE grain bill showcasing white wheat spreads a deep blanket of malty goodness, with layers of yeast-derived fruity esters and spicy phenols swirling through it.  The White Squall has shaped up to be one of our very favorite winter brews.


The Incredible Baltor

ioc-and-baltor-webIBUs: 42   SRM: 54.8   OG/TG: 18.0/5.5°P   ABV: 6.9%

All hail Baltor, for complex and bold are His creations!  Behold his Wondrous Powers to meld and mix All Things Delicious and Favored.  We heed his benificent bellows, and offer this humble brew in His Thunderous Name; a dark lager featuring Trailhead Coffee, whiskey- and rum-soaked oak, and a robust blend of chocolatey specialty malts.